News of Students and Schools
New grads and President's Award honorees: 
NYDHA 2023 President's Award honoreesCongratulations Class of 2023 dental hygiene graduates and welcome to the profession. NYDHA representatives were honored to presented student President's Awards at school ceremonies across the state to the following graduates for their leadership and service (see photo collection):
  • Broome - Jessica Palleschi
  • Erie - Lauren Constantino
  • Farmingdale - Raven Colson
  • Hostos - Grecia Solano
  • Hudson Valley - Lauren Kent
  • Monroe - McKenzie Tu
  • NYCCT - Jinky Blando
  • Plaza - John Almendrala
NYDHA welcomes 2022 graduates to the profession and applauds the 2022 honorees for the NYDHA President's Award (see photo collection):
  • Broome - Colton Stein
  • Erie - Emily Kinkaid
  • Farmingdale - Ethan Foster
  • Hostos - Ngoshali Haulenga
  • Hudson Valley - Julie Acker
  • Monroe - Shelby Wagenman
  • NYCCT - Joanna Swaap
  • NYU - Bruna Bitanji
Thanks to our delegates:
Lauren Kent of Hudson Valley College was selected as the 2022 student delegate from District II (NY, CT, NJ, PA) to the ADHA House of Delegates.
The student delegation serving in the NYDHA 2021 House of Delegates consisted of:
  • Delegate Shelby Wagenman of Monroe Community College
  • Alternate Duyen Nguyen of Monroe Community College


New grads and President's Award honorees: NYDHA welcomes 2021 dental hygiene graduates to the profession! NYDHA was delighted to present our President's Awards for student excellence in dental hygiene. Join us in applauding the honorees:
  • Broome - Rachel Oltz
  • Erie - Melissa Devaney
  • Farmingdale - Alexandra Lesser
  • Hostos - Sheneeza Alli
  • Hudson Valley - Ashley Bowe
  • Monroe - Morgan Taylor
  • NYCCT - Carlos Hernandez
  • Orange - Brittany Fraser