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Practice Matters


COVID-19: NYDHA continues to monitor COVID-19 situation and government actions and advocate for NYS RDHs. 


  • As of February 10, 2022, NYS Governor lifted mandate to wear masks in all indoor places unless the business has a vaccine requirement; mask mandate remains in place for state regulated hospitals, nursing homes and other such settings; remains in place at this time for school - read more
  • NYS quarantine guidance
  • NYS HERO Act expended to March 17 (COVID-19 designated as airborne infectious disease, requiring all employers to implement safety plans).

More NYS Resources: NYSOffice of Professions including CE, licensure 

National Resources: ADHACDCNIHOSHA


NYDHA Resources on Practice Matters


NYDHA resources on supervision requirements; what those requirements mean for every day practice

General Supervision: The Simple Truth

Background and Resources

 Silver diamine

At the January 2021, the NYDHA Board of Directors approved a resolution to supports: the use of silver diamine fluoride (SDF) as part of an ongoing caries management plan, as appropriate.

NYDHA: position statement


 Human Papillomavirus (HPV)

NYDHA advocates for vaccinations and education of dental hygiene professionals and the public about increased rates of HPV (2019 position). In April 2021 action, NYDHA supported House of Representatives bill 1550, known as the PREVENT HPV Cancers Act. See letter of support

Infection control practices

NYDHA is working with the NYS program of the One and Only professional and public information campaign to increase information about safe injection practices

Resources from NYS program, CDC including dental procedures


Use of xylitol

NYDHA’s House of Delegates, at its October 2010 meeting, approved a resolution advocating for the use of xylitol for its preventive benefits against oral disease.

NYDHA - position statement and backgrounder on xylitol

Council on Clinical Affairs of American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry - policy on the use of xylitol in caries prevention



Endorsement of process of care for dental hygienists

In 2012, the NYDHA Board of Directors endorsed the process of care for dental hygienists

NYDHA: position and report



Advocacy for early childhood dental home

NYDHA's House of Delegates approved a resolution at its November 2012 meeting for establishment of a dental home for children soon after the eruption of the first tooth or by age one,

NYDHA: position statement

NYDHA: dental home campaign and related resource information

American Academy of Pediatrics statement on dental home



Right to Practice and Interact as a Profession

In November 2014, the NYDHA House of Delegates approved a resolution on the right to practice as a profession

NYDHA: position statement